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  • knee massager offers high-quality material and with advanced heat function, Light and three vibration modes. It effectively knee comfort for enjoy all-around comfortable massage. Perfect for sports muscles discomfort, knee discomfort, Stretched Ligament discomfort and more.
  • Our knee massager chooses from 3 vibration modes and 3 heating levels to tailor your knee massage. From low, high to automated switching, from low setting of 105°F to high heating level of up to 140°F.
  • This knee massager with heat featured clear visible large LED screen and intuitive touch buttons control for effortless operation. The enclosed detailed user manual with larger text and explanatory drawings makes the unit a charm to operate.
  • Cordless knee massager with a 3000 mAh high-performing battery, as well as a lightweight of 1.4lbs, the heated knee massager is truly perfect to carry with. Enjoy a relaxing knee massage no matter in the comfort of your home, office, travel or anywhere. TYPE-C interface charging, common with mobile phone chargers.
  • 10 Minutes Massage Timer to avoid overuse of this knee massager. Featuring an ergonomic design and adjustable velcro straps for a secure fit. This knee massager is a thoughtful gift for your loved ones, including parents, family, lovers, friends, and colleagues. It’s a perfect way to show you care about their well-being.

Technical support

Rated voltage : 3.7V

Battery : 3000mAh

Rated power : 5W

Input current : Dc 5V=2A

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Product Description

Knee Massager Care More for Your Knee Discomfort Problem

Pokytcox knee massager with heat and compression equipped with the most upgraded version of the heating plate which other sellers do not have on the market, it only needs about 10S for the knee massager to heat up. Effectively save your time. With the adjustable strap which length is up to 48CM, which is the longest on the market,it can fits both the small size knees and also the bigger size ones for a most comfortable massage experience.

An All-round Knee Massager with Heat Effectively Relieve the fatigue for Your Knee,Shoulder & Elbow.




Adjustable Strap Perfectly Fit for Should&Knee&Elbow

This heated knee massager is not only

suitable for relieving and reducing knee fatigue and discomfortable,

but also can be used for shoulder, elbow and more. It’s a great gift for family,friends, colleagues and neighbors.

Portable,Lightweight & Rechargebale for Any Occasion

This knee massager only weighs 1.4lbs,lightweight and portable,you can use it anywhere at your home,office,during the travel or on-the-go.Large capacity of 3000mAh battery allowing you to enjoy a longer massage without the hassle of recharging frequently.

Adjustable Strap up to 48CM(18.9″) for Most Size Knees

Different with other straps offered by other sellers,Pokytcox upgraed the adjustable straps to the longest of 48CM(18.9″) on the market to prefectly fit for both the small size knees and the bigger size knees for a better and most comfortable massaging experience.



A Real Helper Knee Massager for knee comfort. Daily Use 10 Minutes.Get Healthier and More Releaxing.

Enjoy a relaxing and getting comfortable knee massage no matter in the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world, after a long day. 10-15 mins is the suggested massage time for one time massaging. 30 minutes at most. Be careful not to hurt your knees. Or you can consult with the professionals. With its large LED touch screen,easy to operate and intuitive. Its a perfect gift for the whole family to helps your knee get more comfortable.Extra benefit of switchable two functions on the screen as your needs.Get healthier and enjoy the more comfortable relaxing time.


Advanced 3 vibration modes from low, high to automated switching. Three heating modes, from low setting of 105°F, medium of 122°F, to the high heating level of up to 140°F, and all with the extra benefit of switchable lighting. Perfectly suitable for the Knee Reduce fatigue,Sports discomfortable,Cold Knee etc. With its portable,light weight and rechargeable design, you can use it anywhere & anytime in your home,office,during travel or on the go.





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