Crazy fit massager


Prira Modern Crazy Fit body massager for Full Body Workout Makes you relaxed from intense stress Helps you to make your mind cool and calm . This Massager has a super strong body structure with alum-steel material with makes it light waited assembled with a powerful vibrators to make your whole body relaxed. It helps in up to max 24 positions and can give intense pressure and vibration to your whole body and separate body parts as our wish. This Feet massager helps in proper blood circulation in your body and led towards a healthy physique

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Effective Electric strong bottom Vibrating plate

Effective for Blood circulation and improve the quality of sleep, Improve body function and improve gastrointestinal function

Effectively vibrating for whole body parts and direct vibrating effect for Thigh, calves, bun and full body shaper.

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Weight 38.5 kg
Dimensions 116 × 76 × 26 cm


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