Ultraslim Coreset


*Adjust with according to body shape *Slimming effect *Trim off belly with waistline *High quality double layer for perfect waits wrap *Pressurized inside , effective internal fat storage *firm fitting yet comfortable with thigh slimming effect *Lace bottom design *Material : NYLON 62.4% , Polyvinyl chloride fiber 37.6%

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Size M :
Waist: 23-26 inches
Hip: 32 -36.5 inches
Weight: 42.5-50kg
Size L :
Waist: 26 -28 inches
Hip: 33 -37 inches
Weight: 50-57.5kg
Size XL :
Waist: 28 -31 inches
Hip: 35-38 inches
Weight: 57.5-62.5kg
Size 2XL :
Waist: 31 -33 inches
Hip: 36 -40 inches
Weight: 62.5-67.5kg
Size 3XL :
Waist: 33.4-38.9inches
Hip: 37.4-41.3inches
Weight: 67.5-72.5kg


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