Vibrating Plate Pink


Effective Electric Vibrating plate

Effective for Blood circulation

Effectively massage for Thigh, calves, bun and full body shaper.

Less power consumption – 100 – 220v

8 type of posture can be performed

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Prira vibrating plate utilize the body’s own reflexes to exercise your muscle in a convenient manner that does not require you to get out of breath. The body shaper accomplishes his best hen you are in a stress position such as squat posture and your muscle are working to keep in the posture, hence exercising your muscle are working to keep in a position. When the oscillating plate moves quickly your muscle automatically move a small amount o keep in the posture hence exercising your muscle really efficiently. The movement of plate stimulates the body’s natural ” stretch reflex” high causes spontaneous muscle contraction. he power plate is a multi-beneficent exercise tool that help you reach our goals aster and more effectively.

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Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 50 × 40 × 20 cm


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